• Lifetime of ALBISTONE material: 50+ years
  • Integrated formwork 25 cm
  • Save up to 70% of construction costs
  • 50% shorter construction time
  • ALBIXON patented technology
  • Industrial production
  • Wide range of sizes and wide choice of the swimming pool equipment

Thus, on the world market this year we have come up with the unique Albistone G2 solution. By combining the proven swimming pool material ALBISTONE® and the polystyrene formwork system POLYSTYRAN® 12 cm we have produced a new generation of pools. A special team of developers have combined the unique properties of both materials and created a unique solution which ALBIXON is the only company in the world to offer. Thanks to the technology used you will no longer pay for expensive building preparation. With a pool of 6 x 3 x 1.5 m there was originally 13.5 m3 of concrete used, now during the installation of the G2, only 3.5 m3 of concrete is needed. The saving on the concrete mix is 74%, not to mention the formwork, struts and many hours work by labourers. Total savings for the building work amounts to 35,000 CZK. Of course, the larger the pool, the greater the savings for building work. However, that's not all you get when you purchase an ALBISTONE G2 pool.


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