Pool with a roof in case you need to be winter-proof

Here is a solution for all of you who are convinced that a backyard swimming pool can only be used half of the year – pools roofs. Pool enclousers prolong the swimming pool season all year round. Today’s selection of roofs is countless and varies in shape, size and built materials. The shortest enclousers are perfect if you only wish to protect your pool from debris, rain and snow. You can opt for a roof frame, which will be high enough for a comfortable swim, or you can decide on a higher frame that will also enclose the ground around and offer you a place to relax by the warm water. If you prefer a wooden frame from a metal one or if you rather look through glass than plastic, it can all be arranged. The best thing about pool roofs is their hybridity. When rain or snow comes you simply unfold it and when it’s warm again you fold it back and enjoy a swim in the sun.

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