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Are you thinking about buying a swimming pool without worries? Take the advantage of unique opportunity to order a complete swimming pool supplied with all accessories, enclosure and the technology box.

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Basic Information

Overflow pool ALBISTONE G2 3,4 × 6,4 × 1,5 m

  • Sharp cornered rectangle swimming pool
  • 8mm thick sides and bottom!
  • Lifetime of ALBISTONE material: 50+ years

The price of the enclosure includes:

  • Technology box Basic
  • BRILIX pump with coarse impurities filter
  • UV lamp
  • BRILIX sand filtration with sand filling
  • A rigid body
  • LED light
  • Pool safety rim
  • Distribution board
  • ABS circulation nozzles
  • Integrated ergonomic steps
  • Hardened thermal insulation
  • Piping, fasteners.


4 modules

The price of the enclosure includes:

  • Polycarbonate with UV filter
  • Telescopic structure arrangement
  • Removable front panel
  • Comfortable side entrance
  • Highly durable structure finish
  • New ergonomic AIR rails
  • Inter-module sealing system
  • Raised lower edge of the panels by 10 cm
  • Special bearings for ultra-easy handling


Certificates & Guarantees

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