Telescopic patio Enclosure MIA

Newly developed by leading designers and architects, SKYTRIUM will extend your outdoor season. Easily create your pleasant area for leisure time, relaxation and time with your family with attached SKYTRIUM to your house. The lightweight and weather resistant construction protects not only you, but also your garden furniture from the weather. SKYTRIUM can be used all year round. Enjoy the outdoors on days when everyone else is staying at home. SKYTRIUM has several key benefits and advantages. You do not need a building permit for it.

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Basic Information

Standard and Custom made production

Enclosures produced for assembly on the most common types of swimming pools, whirlpool baths or cars. They are delivered in boxes, disassembled; at any given time we have at least 500 enclosures in stock. Their benefits include an unsurpassable price/quality ratio, shipment within 48 hours, easy handling and low transportation costs. Thanks to the unique box packaging system we are able to transport up to 80 enclosures on a single truck. For your better information, all standard-produced enclosures are marked with the ALBIXON BOX logo in this Catalogue.

Custom made

We approach custom-made enclosures individually. They are used when a swimming pool of an atypical shape, size or location has to be covered. This category also includes roofing for hotel gardens and restaurants as well as for terraces.


MIA details

Standard sizes

Outer width „B“ 250 cm 300 cm 350 cm
Outer length „E“ 457 cm 676 cm 894 cm
Outer height „V“ 281 cm 290 cm 297 cm
Package size 275 x 81 x 245 cm 350 x 81 x 245 cm 463 x 89 x 245 cm
Package weight 500 kg 680 kg 910 kg
Installation time cca 6 h/3 pers. cca 8 h/3 pers. cca 10 h/3 pers.

Custom sizes

Width „B“ 200 to 450 cm
Height „V“ 225 to 350 cm
Length „E“ unlimited


SKYTRIUM orientation

SKYTRIUM can be left- or right-sided. When looking at the house and SKYTRIUM, the big module is on the left for the left-sided option and on the right for the right-sided option. The orientation of custom SKYTRIUM can be selected as requested by the customer. Standard SKYTRIUMS Mia are always left-sided.

Movable and fixed parts of SKYTRIUM

As a standard, SKYTRIUM is made with a fi xed mini-module and a fi xed smallest module; other modules are sliding. In this design we also supply standard Mia SKYTRIUMS. Upon request, it is possible to produce SKYTRIUM with 2 fi xed mini-modules, where the biggest and the smallest modules are fi xed and only the modules between them are sliding.

Panoramic module design

In the custom option SKYTRIUM Mia Glass with side panels of safety glass we recommend a panoramic design. In this case the side wall of the modules is made of a compact panel to ensure uninterrupted view. This design is only possible in modules up to 219 cm long and up to 350 cm of width B. We are also off ering SKYTRIUM Mia Glass with two supporting profi les. This is possible only in modules length up to 208 cm and up to 300 cm of width B.

Side entrance

As the only manufacturer we off er a side entrance in any module for SKYTRIUMS. Its maximum width is half the length of the module in which the entrance is placed.

Entrances in front/end panels of enclosures

There are many options for entrances in front/end panels. We off er left-sided, right-sided or double-wing sliding doors. For standard SKYTRIUMS Mia the delivery includes a single-wing sliding door whose location and orientation can be selected by the customer during installation. A new product for 2016 is a sliding front/end panel of safety glass, 10 mm thick, for an uninterrupted view. We recommend combining this option a panoramic module design. For this panel option it is necessary to increase the minimum enclosure height by up to 25 cm - we recommend consultations.

Embedded rails

Of course, Air rails used in SKYTRIUMS can be embedded in the fl oor. Building preparation is the same as in pool enclosures.


Certificates & Guarantees

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