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Salt water is good for health and does not irritate human eyes or skin. Clean your water from bacteria using salt electrolysis. You can use Wi-Fi to control the device remotely.

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Basic Information

Using a salt water chlorinator, a trace amount of free chlorine is collected from the salt water in the swimming pool, enough for top-quality pool disinfection. Salt water is good for health and does not irritate the human eye and skin. Upon request, a broad range of technical accessories are also available, such as a Wi-Fi module for remote control through a web application and automatic pH control.

Benefits of salt water treatment:

  • Does not dry the skin
  • Suitable for persons with sensitive skin
  • Low operating costs
  • Crystal clear water without the odour of chlorine
  • No chlorine handling and storage
  • Environmentally-friendly system - salt is a natural product
  • Delicate sea water containing salt, with antiseptic effects

Benefits of the hidrolife system:

  • Easy installation
  • Fully automatic pH treatment in the swimming pool
  • Display with controls outside the box
  • Connection with other swimming pool accessories (heat pump, filtration and others)
  • Possibility of extension with a Wi-Fi module for remote control through a web application. This can be used to control the salt water chlorinator as well as other connected pool accessories!


XHP details



Technical information

  System without automatic pH control System with automatic pH control
Weight 4,0 kg 4,0 kg
Max. water content 65 m3 65 m3
Power supply 230 V 230 V
Power consumption 120 W 120 W
Cl production 16 g/H 16 g/H
Control unit
Electrolytic cell
Temperature sensor
Dosing pump
Display cover
Electric cable 10m
Package weight 8,05 kg 10,55 kg
Package size 43,5 x 40,5 x 36 cm (h x w x l)


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