Think big – buy small. Pool designs that will fit anywhere

House with a swimming pool. What house owner haven’t dreamt of having one right in the backyard? Probably everyone did.

However, here is when this dream usually clashed with reality: constructing the pool is extremely costly, not to mention that it occupies tons of space. It may have been like that back in the day. The truth is, this dream isn’t something from fantasy anymore.

Our small swimming pools will fit almost into any backyard. Variety of designs (round, cornered, rectangle) will ensure that swimming pool will not only fit but look amazing as well. On the top of that, they will not break the bank.

Voilà, the dream came true. No matter which lifestyle do you follow. Whether you are hosting regular parties or spending time with your family, having small oasis right next to your house will always complement any of these events.

View the full gallery here: Big ideas for small swimming pool designs

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