How We Do It

With our own manufacture and delivery service, we offer high quality and ready-to-ship products for our clients.


We carefully select
the best materials


We manufacture the product
in our own facilities


We deliver the package


We assemble everything
on-site and make sure it works

- 1 -

We Re-Invented
the Word "Manufacture"

- 2 -

25 technologists work
at ALBIXON's own
R&D Center

- 3 -

We run the biggest powder
coating plant
in Central Europe
with a unique DECORAL

- 4 -

Our own production
uses the most recent

- 5 -

These are the reasons why
we can produce 400
and 800
in a month

- 6 -

We store them in
a 50,000 m2 warehouse

- 7 -

Where our technicians
perform the final thorough
quality check
before the
products leave our premises


Certificates & Guarantees

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