QBIG BENEFIT - Technology, harmony, power


  • 8mm thick sides and bottom!
  • Integrated formwork 25 cm
  • Save up to 70% of construction costs
  • 50% shorter construction time
  • ALBIXON patented technology
  • Industrial production
  • Wide range of sizes and wide choice of the swimming pool equipment

The combination of the unique properties of the ALBISTONE® 8 mm material and polystyrene formwork 25cm, together with a minimalist design will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Our goal is not to make compromises and balance between the quality and price, but bring you, our customers, the highest possible quality at a price that will appeal to you. That's why we produce pools made of an 8 mm thickness, which guarantees a minimum lifetime of 50 years. New Albistone QBIG BENEFIT 8 mm pools are manufactured in an angular design, which according to worldwide numbers is now once more the trend. A trend that is not artificially created by dealers, but has been set by the market itself - the customer.

The 2020 pools are called BENEFIT. What are the benefits?

Easy winterizing and water saving
BENEFIT series pools are designed so that water is drained for the winter only from the pipes and overflow trough (for overflow pools). The water in the pool, if properly maintained, will last for several years and there is no need to drain it every winter. The luminaire and other pool installations remain below the water level all year round. Winterization is so simple and really anyone can handle it.
More efficient operation and easier maintenance
In the BENEFIT series pools we have optimized the nozzle layout. So the water in the pool circulates better and the walls and bottom of the pool remain clean for a longer time. Pool maintenance is much faster and the consumption of pool chemicals is significantly reduced.
Piktograms Albixon BENEFIT
Non-slip stairs
After long-term testing we came up with a non-slip variant of pool stairs. Near the edge of each step, 3 fine grooves are milled to prevent slipping. At the same time, due to their shape, they are resistant to dirt deposits.
Aero Stairs
We have expanded the existing range of stairs with the Aero design stairs. These are characterized by an airy and functional appearance. They can be placed in the corner of the pool, parallel to the longer and shorter pool wall.

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