The X-FLOW grid

Dear customers,

We are pleased to announce that in 2020, we have developed for you the new and innovative X-FLOW grid, for some a common part of every overflow pool, but not for us!

As we consider the grid to be an integral part of the pool, our team of experts has created the unique ALBIXON X-FLOW solution. This grid fully meets even the most demanding requirements in terms of both a clean and unobtrusive design and the production technology and perfect performance.

The fully concealed outer and inner edges of the pool, together with the elegant corners of the grid, complete the overall stylish look of your overflow pool. Thanks to the high-quality workmanship, you will get a better feeling when in contact with the grid. The new and timeless design supports better circulation of water and thus its high quality. Thanks to the ease of installation, you no longer have to use any pool edging, couplings or aluminium profiles. You will certainly appreciate the choice of two colours, which will make the X-FLOW overflow grid a design feature in any garden.

The X-FLOW grid is now a standard part of all our QBIG BENEFIT overflow pools.

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