Powder Coating Plant

ALBIXON’s powder coating plant got in work in May 2000 and since this time provides high-quality chemical pre-treatment and powder coating (Komaxit). All of the paints used are certified under QUALICOAT, QUALIDECO, TIGER Drylac®, IGP and GSB. The unique size of our curing oven 9 x 2.4 x 0.6 m and the option of coating vehicles with a weight of up to 750 kg per axle make us a true specialist in this field.

Visit us at: http://www.powderpaintplant.com/

Decoral line

In February 2006 the powder coating shop was enlarged with unique technology for challenging designs – the DECORAL surface treatment unit. This equipment is used wherever ordinary powder paints are not enough. We achieve a very unique, design-boosting effect by applying special powder paint and subsequent sublimation of ink from a transfer foil into which the painted object is wrapped. The foil then transfers the decoration, such as wood, granite, marble or other special patterns. All used paints and foils are certified under QUALIDECO.


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