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With the purchase of a quality inground pool you increase the value of your property. You are also investing in your health and the everyday enjoyment of your family. And these are of incalculable value.


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Get inspired by selected realisations from over 30,000 installed pools.


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Do you want a high-quality custom-made inground plastic pool? White or blue? Come to us and choose for yourself which option suits your garden best. We look forward to you!


The leading swimming pool and enclosure manufacturer in Europe

We work with first-class developers and designers. We own a certified powder coating facility with state-of-the-art Decoral technology. We have recently incorporated 3D printing into ALBIXON development and are at the forefront of European innovation.

  1. a Czech family company

  2. over 30 years' experience

  3. own production, innovations and patents

  4. long life products

  5. we meet 99.7% of deadlines

  6. sales in 70 countries