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V. Family

The V. family's request was clear – they wanted to enjoy privacy in their own pool. After previous experiences with an above-ground pool, they decided on an in-ground pool, which is characterised by long-life as well as looking great in the garden.

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We discovered ALBIXON on the Internet. We were convinced by the quality of processing compared to the competition.

Mr. V.'s wish was to have his own pool guaranteeing the privacy he didn't have at public swimming pools. Additionally, his own pool has another key inherent advantage – swimming at any time.


Like most of our customers, above all. Mr. V. wanted to have a high-quality, designer pool that would complement the garden. The white pool trend, in which the water is optically coloured in "Caribbean" shades, also convinced the "V family" at the showroom. They wanted to use the pool to its maximum, so they also equipped it with a heating pump and a countercurrent. "Thanks to the heating pump, you can bathe at any time and the water is always pleasantly warm," explains Mr. V.

The pool is covered with a medium-height DALLAS CLEAR pool enclosure in carbon design, which emphasises the white pool's modern look and simultaneously enables comfortable swimming even under a closed roof.

When Mr. V. bought the pool, he was worried about the demanding maintenance required by the above-ground pool in the past. However, the QBIG BENEFIT pool with its Smart controls refuted this fear: "I'm extremely satisfied regarding pool maintenance, it really takes a minimum of time." Thanks to the salt system, the water remains crystal clear. Covering significantly facilitates maintenance – it protects the pool water from dirt and therefore saving a lot of work with cleaning the pool.

Now the pool is a favourite place for all family members, it's used for both bathing and swimming with the countercurrent, and for children's frolics in water. Thanks to the pergola's strategic location next to the pool, the V. Family spend hot summer days in the garden by the pool, but also the rainy days, when they can comfortably swim under the pool enclosure with the heating pump on. At the end of the interview, Mr. V. adds: "You won't regret buying a pool from ALBIXON".

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