F. family

F. family

The F. Family were very happy in their flat in Vinohrady, but for several years something had been missing... "Finally, we bought a house, created a beautiful garden and installed a swimming pool. After all, children love water", say Mr. and Mrs. F. in relation to their big decision.

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Let me tell you, it's very relaxing. Actually, I can't imagine a garden without a pool. The most beautiful feeling is when I see the children frolicking and how my husband proudly observes the events around. It's a feeling of peace and happiness within my family.

The F. couple wanted a pool big enough for swimming, but on the other hand, they didn't want to have a "lake" in their garden. Their selected dimensions of 4 x 8 m fully corresponded with this. She came to the pool solution at ALBIXON thanks to positive references from friends.


The QBIG BENEFIT polypropylene pool met the quick installation requirement. Within one day, the settling and concreting around the pool was done. Of course, even QBIG can't do without thorough construction preparations, which must be started several months in advance. Another decisive requirement was one of the least demanding maintenance. The F. Family often travel and they were worried about the green pool water. However, the water remains clear thanks to a combination of intelligent management and a pool enclosure. Last but not least, for health reasons, the family requested salt water treatment, which is gentler on sensitive skin.


The couple chose our HIDROLIFE salt shaker, which they placed on the technical wall together with other necessary equipment. The pool location is also very strategic, as it reflects the sun's rays throughout the day, which means staying in the pool is more pleasant even in the early evening, and it's also free to heat the pool water.


However, in order for the family to enjoy the pool even on colder days, they also decided to purchase a heating pump and a pool enclosure. Mr. and Mrs. F. see the greatest advantages of a low consumption pool enclosure. The pool water warms up quickly under the enclosure and even maintains a pleasant temperature overnight. This effect can be compared to the "Greenhouse Effect". The ultra-low CASABLANCA INFINITY pool enclosure also receives high praise from Mrs. F. from an aesthetic viewpoint: "The pool's great jewel is the transparent roof that goes under the magnificent pergola. Therefore, the roof isn't visible when we bathe". The elegant "storage" solution for the roof under the pergola is definitely an interesting inspiration.


Mrs. F. goes on to mention the pool's abundant use by the entire family. "My daughters love swimming and can frolic in it for hours, while my husband supports his fitness with a morning swim." And Mrs. “F.”? Well, she enjoys relaxing in the pool after her morning workout. However, even in the evening, the action by the pool does not end. This is the right time for a proper barbecue by the lit pool. "Thanks to the pool's lighting, it looks simply beautiful in the evening," comments Mrs. F.

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