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N. Family

During the interview, Mr. and Mrs. N. revealed to us that they warmed to the idea of buying a swimming pool over time. Previously, they had never considered buying a pool at all. But they definitely don't regret their decision - the pool has become a favourite with the entire family.

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My parents, as well as my aunt and uncle have an ALBIXON pool, so we knew what we were getting into.

The N. Family wish was to have an aesthetic and quality swimming pool. Thanks to the experience of their relatives, they chose ALBIXON to implement it. Furthermore, their relatives use their pools all year round - in the winter they warm up in it.

Because of the spacious plot, the N. Family decided on a larger pool with extended equipment - a countercurrent and a heating pump. The owners chose the CASABLANCA INFINITY pool enclosure mainly due to its shape and carbon design. "We have a living room right next to it, so we're always looking at the pool," adds Mrs. N. In addition, thanks to the pool enclosure, the family can use the pool for most of the year.

Although one of the N. Family's concerns was the demanding maintenance, they finally admit that there's nothing to worry about. Thanks to the salt pan in the technology shaft combined with an automatic vacuum cleaner, pool maintenance requires minimum time. "Despite the fact that we are "Newbies" and we were worried that the water would turn green, it hasn't happened to us yet. The water remains clean all year round".

Acquiring a swimming pool is usually a long-thought-out process. How was it with N.'s family? "Just 10 years ago, we wouldn't have thought about a pool at all, but we somehow arrived at the idea over time - we matured." Now, the entire family use the pool. Our son enjoys the pool the most, he invites his friends to swim, Mrs. N. and her husband relax in the pool after work. The pool has also experienced several night parties. The family also appreciates the endless swimming possibilities, and also the pleasant muscles "massage" thanks to the swim jet.

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