B. Family

B. Family

In 2020, the B. Family decided to fulfil a lifelong dream and build a family home. Mr. B. adds: "The dream wouldn't be complete if it didn't have a pool..."

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They say first impressions matter. And in our case, we knew from the first meeting that we'd made a good decision. Fast and serious dealings, precise adherence to deadlines, prices and, last but not least, a great team of professionals.

Year after year, and after the demanding arrangement that building a house entails, the dream became reality. And that includes a swimming pool with a minimalist enclosure in the garden. The B. Family was very clear about their pool requirements. They wanted a salt water pool, a countercurrent, a heating pump and a low pool enclosure. All this combined with minimal maintenance, high reliability and quality. Last but not least, the couple wanted a modern design that would harmoniously complement the modern concept of the house and suit the garden gracefully. 


It was just a matter of finding a suitable manufacturer, which Mr. B. remembers: "We were looking for someone reliable on the market, with many years' experience, and one who has satisfied customers. Luck favoured us, as it has several times in our lives, and we found ALBIXON." Although Mr. and Mrs. B. considered a whole range of materials, they finally decided on our polypropylene pool. Mr. B. pragmatically finds its benefits in colour stability and easy maintenance, whereby he adds: "We don't have problems with an annoying streak around the pool perimeter caused by water level fluctuations and without the need to use any cleaning products". With regard to our most technologically advanced OXILIFE salt shaker, he said "We only know about the existence of the salt shaker thanks to the phone display. That's practically all we have to do - look "They also positively assess the variability of designs and colours.


The CASABLANCA INFINITY pool enclosure has become one of our bestsellers. The B. Family appreciates the combination of aesthetic requirements for modern enclosures, which doesn't interfere with the garden's architectural design in any way, with the invaluable benefit of swimming under an open roof. Thanks to the combination of a pool enclosure with a heating pump, the family also extended the bathing season significantly, which was the main reason for their purchase. "The pool enclosure looks great and we can swim for a long time," adds Mr. B.


The B. Family thought everything through thoroughly and calculated everything before buying their pool. They considered its benefits and use. "Today, we already know that we made the right decision. The pool brings another "dimension" to our lives. Anyone who hasn't experienced the feeling of swimming in a lighted pool on a still cold spring morning (obviously under a closed pool enclosure) won't believe that a sauna is just a step-sister to such an experience.The pool became the focal point of our gatherings with friends throughout the summer. Today, basically all our visitors come with swimsuits in their bags. And sometimes boys of all ages use the pool surface for nerve-wracking RC boat races..."

The pool brought the children some much-needed active movement. And the birthday party by the pool - isn't to be forgotten.When we mentioned that we had a salt water pool to our doctor, he cheered. This is the best thing we could have done for the body and the spirit," concludes Mr. B. with a smile on face due to the realisation of his swimming pool.

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