Pool sets Pool sets Pool sets

Pool sets

Pool, technology, pool enclosure and accessories from a single supplier. Save yourself all the worry and just look forward to your new pool.

What does the pool set consist of

In a single order, you choose the pool, the technology, enclosure and accessories that are the most suitable for you.


Meet our unique solution! What BENEFIT pools will bring you?


- Is construction done easier and faster? Significantly!
- Water discharge? That's not necessary!
- Winterising? Easy-peasy!
- More economical operation? Undoubtedly!
- Easier maintenance? Of course!
- Is a design protected by a utility model? Yes!
- Saves on construction costs? Significantly! 


BENEFIT pools have a 25 cm thick thermal construction on the outside, which simultaneously serves as a load-bearing and an insulating element of the pool. This also makes it possible to speed up construction work and enjoy the comfort of your own pool as soon as possible.


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