ALBIXON earns the Red Dot Award 2023 for product design for their electric slide for pool enclosures.

The distinguished Red Dot Award for product design sees another remarkable entry from the Czech Republic this year. Standing out among thousands of products globally, ALBIXON and our MOOVER - an electric, solar-powered moving system for pool enclosures - captured the spotlight. This innovative solution masterfully addresses the need for remote control of pool enclosure operations. Providing outdoor pool owners with unrivalled comfort throughout the swimming season, the MOOVER embodies a focus on both universal application and aesthetically pleasing design.


MOOVER - electric solar powered slide for pool enclosures



In the international arena, ALBIXON has marked an exceptional victory. Their automatic electric slide for pool enclosures, MOOVER, has clinched the prestigious Red Dot Award 2023 for product design. This innovation, launched in 2022, now stands shoulder-to-shoulder with other iconic products that not only serve a practical purpose but also impress with their great looks. "Emerging victorious in a competition featuring so many top-notch products is a huge honor for us. It's the outcome of our yearly investments in our own development center, aiming to continually keep pace with the global elite. As such, we see the Red Dot Award 2023 as affirmation that our path of innovation is the right one," states Daniel Bareš, ALBIXON's Marketing Manager.


The competition's expert jury was taken by both the attractive design and overall functionality of this Czech product. The MOOVER proves to be an excellent assistant for owners of covered pools, as it significantly simplifies the handling of the enclosure. Thanks to its remote control, pool owners can conveniently open their pool from the comfort of their own home.


ALBIXON collaborated with EDAG, a leading global development company in the field of mobility, to develop MOOVER. Leveraging their extensive knowledge and experience in the automotive world, EDAG ensured smooth and problem-free movement of the product along the installed rails, and its compatibility with pool enclosures from rival brands. "While designing MOOVER, I aimed to make it as efficient as possible while maintaining ease of use. Overall, I wanted to develop a system that would meet user needs to the greatest extent while sporting a modern, aesthetic, and functional design," says Roman Šimčík, a designer from EDAG.


The final design of the product also reflects the latest swimming trends. "Today, it's no longer the case that people use the pool only during the summer months. Thanks to the enclosure and the heat pump, the swimming season can be extended to seven months. That's why we also emphasized that the MOOVER should be durable for long-term use in various weather conditions," says Bareš.


The MOOVER electric slide is powered by batteries, which are recharged by solar panels throughout the season. In case of insufficient sunny days, the batteries can be easily charged from the power grid. MOOVER communicates visually with users through a digital LED panel, alerting them, for example, to the direction of enclosure movement or a low battery level. The device is remotely controlled, providing users with maximum comfort when using the pool. The signal receiver is built into the body of the device, eliminating the need for an unsightly additional antenna. The MOOVER can be installed on most types of rail-based pool enclosures of standard sizes, regardless of the brand, and is designed for easy self-installation.


MOOVER is manufactured in the Czech Republic at our production plant in Hořovice, even employing 3D printing in the process. "We use 3D printing, among other things, for the production of MOOVER components. This allows us to implement future innovations more quickly," adds Jiří Sixta, Product Manager at ALBIXON.


The Red Dot Award is among the most prestigious international design competitions. For nearly 70 years, it has been regularly recognizing the world's best products in the category of product and communication design. Every year, thousands of products from around the world enter the competition, with the winners decided by a jury composed of fifty international experts. The winning products reflect the latest technical, social, economic, and environmental demands of consumers.