Enjoy a daytime refreshment in the pool, and an evening socializing with friends right on top of the water. The pool's terrace enclosure with extra load capacity is a space-saver that also looks aesthetically pleasing.

Having your own in-ground pool offers many advantages – absolute privacy, no admission fees, round-the-clock opening hours, or even the possibility to bring food or drink directly into the water. However, on smaller gardens, a pool can take up quite a lot of space, perhaps at the expense of seating areas or children's play features. A solution does exist, however, which means you don't have to limit yourself and can fully enjoy the garden all year round. On the terrace enclosure BERGEN with extra rigidity and a load capacity of 250 kg/m2, you can even dance, place garden furniture or let children bounce on it. It can withstand almost everything, and its natural look will harmonize perfectly with the garden.


You no longer have to struggle with deciding whether to place a pool, seating area, or children's play features in the small garden of your family home. Thanks to the walkable multifunctional pool enclosure BERGEN, it's now possible to have it all without having to make compromises. 


The BERGEN enclosure covers in-ground pools, home spas, or swimming ponds, and also functions as a fully walkable terrace laid directly over the water. It not only protects the water from being contaminated with impurities and provides safety for children or pets, but specially developed aluminium profiles with high rigidity and a load capacity of 250 kg/m2 create a compact surface that can serve as a relaxation area, a children's playground, or perhaps a backdrop for barbecuing or socializing with friends. The possibilities are limitless. "When we were developing the walkable BERGEN enclosure, our main goal was that even people with a smaller garden did not have to limit themselves because of the pool. Not only have we managed to find such a solution, but we have even come up with a product that fits perfectly into both smaller and larger gardens," describes Jiří Sixta, the Product Manager at ALBIXON.



Technological and Aesthetic Excellence


BERGEN stands out especially for its stability, safety, and sleek design. The unique system of attaching terrace boards creates a seamless surface without gaps, preventing valuables or dirt from falling into the pool. The roof installation is easy and fast, with patented attachments that work without screws. Customers can choose from 6 natural colors. "With all our products, we strive to make them not only practical and comfortable but also aesthetically pleasing. Thanks to its natural appearance, the BERGEN terrace enclosure fits perfectly into any garden, and various colour options allow it to harmonize maximally with the surrounding areas or the house itself," explains Daniel Bareš, Marketing Manager at ALBIXON.


For even greater convenience, the terrace can be used in combination with the automatic MOOVER electric drive with solar charging. This ensures comfortable remote uncovering and covering of the pool without the need to bend over and manually manipulate the enclosure. The device is powered by batteries, which can be charged with solar energy or, if necessary, from the grid. The MOOVER doesn't forget about the aesthetic side either. It recently won the international Red Dot Award 2023 for product design. The system is universal and can be installed on most types of rail pool enclosures. 


A Permanent Extra Space


Whether it's a family home with a garden and pool, the BERGEN terrace enclosure ensures efficient use of outdoor spaces all year round. For instance, you could savour your favourite drink on the terrace directly above the pool without fear of spillage or breaking the glass, thanks to the surface's rigidity, even if kids are jumping around nearby. You could also set up a relaxation zone or seating area "over the water". And when it's time for a swim, there's no need for complicated transferring or moving things around. The entire terrace can simply be pushed aside, and later, you can always bring it back over the water to enjoy the exclusive extra space. And in the winter, you could even build a snowman on it!