Telescopic swimming pool Enclosure KLASIK CLEAR / KLASIK PRO CLEAR

Do you like the Klasik standard enclosure design, but want something more? Klasik Clear is here for you. Luxurious compact polycarbonate, door in the front panel, side entrance and Air rails. You only pick your favourite colour and size and start the count-down: your swimming pool will be covered within 7 days.

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Basic Information

Custom made

We approach custom-made enclosures individually. They are used when a swimming pool of an atypical shape, size or location has to be covered.



Details of Klasik Excellence enclosures


Technical enclosure details

M profiles

Albixon enclosure - M profile

These are profiles for small and medium enclosures.Elegantly rounded and firm inside and out
Cross-section 40 × 55 mm.

L profiles

Albixon enclosure - L profile

These are suitable for medium size enclosures. THey have the same appearance as M profiles, but are structurally reinforced.
Cross-section 40 × 55 mm.

L+ profiles

Albixon enclosure - L+ profile

Profiles used for bigger enclosures. The middle profile is wider compared to the L version.
Cross-section 40 × 55 mm. and 40 × 72mm.

XL profiles

Albixon enclosure - XL profile

This serie of profile is dedicated for the biggest enclosures, with an emphasis on uncompromising durability
Cross-section 73 × 55 mm.



Air rails

Suitable also for enclosures of M, L and L+ profiles. This represents a unique solution with anchoring screws. We offer options for enclosures with low and high impact angles.
Height 20 mm, axial distance 70 mm.

Air rails 110 mm

Air rails for XL profiles. For models DALLAS and KLASIK XL the Standard 110mm rails are used.
Height 20 mm, axial distance 110 mm.

AIR rails 110mm

Roofing material

Compact polycarbonate


As a standard we use compact polycarbonate 4 mm thick. For the side walls of terrace roofing the material is 6 mm thick. This roofing material offers an elegant feel and excellent transparency. Of course, it also provides UV protection.

Compact polycarbonate color clear
Compact polycarbonate color smoky

Color of profiles

The colours for standard enclosures are fixed, while custom enclosures come with the following portfolio of colours:

Category 1

Silver Elox
Silver Elox
Metallic grey DB703
Metallic grey DB703

Category 2

White RAL 9016
White RAL 9016
Green RAL 6005
Green RAL 6005
Golden oak
Golden oak
Grey RAL 7016
Grey RAL 7016

Category 3

All other colours as per the valid ALBIXON sample card.


Enclosure details

Front and back panels

  • Fixed
  • Removable

The front and back panels of the enclosure can be fixed with screws or attached removably using a panel screw. We recommend removable panels if the enclosure cannot be fully slid out of the swimming pool area and you commonly swim under it. The removable panel can be fitted with lockable panel screws. Depending on the size, the panel can be made as a single piece or in multiple pieces.

Elevated bottom panel edges


This detail facilitates smooth movement of the enclosure for example over an elevated pool border. We offer an elevation of the bottom panel edge, covered by a durable canvas, up to 18 cm. If the elevation is higher, the sealing of the enclosure will be impaired.



The bottom segment of the enclosure panels can be swung upward for easy movement of the structure over obstacles, such as steps or a diving platform. The maximum height of clapper is up to half the height of the front/back panel. ATTENTION! Sliding door cannot be mounted in panels with a clapper. Hinged door are possible but need to be unhinged before the clapper is opened. We always recommend consulting the use of a clapper.

Side entrance


It is located on the biggest module. We are offering an optional side entrance on any module of the terrace roofings. Of course, the side entrance is lockable.

Doors in front/back panels

  • Hinged (left, right)
  • Sliding (lift, right)
  • Double-wing (hinged, sliding)

They can be hinged or sliding. The standard width is 80 cm for single-wing and 120 cm for double-wing doors. If the required door width exceeds 90 cm and 140 cm for single-door and double-wing doors, respectively, we recommend using the sliding variant for better resistance. We also recommend sliding doors for higher enclosures. We do not recommend a door in the front/back panel of the Casablanca Infinity enclosure. If a hinged door is positioned off-centre, the hinges need to be placed on the side of the door closer to the axis. Of course, all door types are lockable.


  • Non-lockable
  • Lockable

As a standard, each module is supplied with two stoppers in its open/close position. For even higher safety, the stoppers can be lockable. As a standard, stoppers are installed with access from outside, except for the smallest module, where they are ready for access from inside and are not lockable - if someone is locked under the enclosure, he can easily get out.

Module length


The enclosure modules have a standard length of 219 cm, unless specified otherwise. The recommended module length ranges between 180 and 250 cm. We do not recommend other values to preserve smooth enclosure movement. For the Casablanca Infinity enclosure we recommend only standard-length modules. If the length is increased, it may be necessary to add supporting arches to maintain the certified loading capacity.

Standard sizes

Technical details KLASIK A
Max enclosed area 319 x 635 cm 415 x 850 cm 501 x 1060 cm
Outer width "B" 361 cm 471 cm 571 cm
Inner width "A" 333 cm 429 cm 515 cm
Outer lenght "E" 646 cm 860 cm 1073 cm
Outer height "V" 100 cm 130 cm 155 cm
Package size 430 x 41 x 157 cm 563 x 45 x 188 cm 606 x 61 x 175 cm
Package weight 250 kg
420 kg
*570 kg
610 kg
*840 kg
Installation time approx. 1h/3 persons approx. 4h/3 persons approx. 6h/3 persons

If the sizes above do not suit your needs, we recommend the Klasik Clear custom design ("Custom sizes").


Custom sizes


  • Individual enclosure sizes
  • Selection of over 40 colours and decors of the supporting structure
  • Choice of roofing material type and colour
  • Choice of rails
  • Door type and location as per your request
  • Individual configuration
Possible enclosure sizes
Width "B" 250 to 650 cm
Height "V" 70 to 175 cm
Lenght "E" unlimited


Rail extension

to move the enclosure beyond the swimming pool area.

XHP heat pump

for the most cost-effective swimming pool heating.

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