Technology shafts

Technology shafts

The technology shaft is located below ground level and close to the pool. The benefit of the shaft is that you can place a countercurrent drive in it apart from the pool technology.

Implementing shaft technology


You have several technology shaft options to choose from. If you want to take care of the pool as little as possible, then choose a shaft equipped with the most advanced technology. We have shafts with salt and fresh water treatment available. All you have to do is connect the technology shaft to the pool and to the electricity source and everything is ready.


You didn't choose? Never mind! We'll also be happy to custom design technological equipment for you.

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The water treatment method is also important for choosing the right pool technology. You can choose from three methods: saltwater system, chlorine or UV lamp. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each option?

Salt water treatment

Salt water treatment is popular among our customers. Finely salted water has antiseptic effects and, unlike chlorine, is much gentler on the skin. Low operating costs are also a bonus.