Technological walls

Technological walls

Comfort above all else. Always have your pool technology at hand. Is it unsuitable for you to put your pool technology in a shaft? That is why we've produced technological walls for you. Fr example, you can put them in a basement, garage or garden shed.

Technology in the wall implementation


Generally, the more advanced technology you choose, the less you will have to deal with. There are 5 wall types to choose from. Firstly, you decide which water treatment option you want - salty or fresh. You only need to connect the technological wall to the pool and to the electricity source and everything is ready. 


If your pool is also equipped with a countercurrent, its pump must be stored in a separate shaft located within one metre of the countercurrent mask.


You didn't choose? It doesn't matter! We're also happy to custom design technological equipment for you.

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Salt water treatment

Salt water treatment is popular with our customers. Finely salted water has antiseptic effects and, unlike chlorine, has much gentler effects on your skin. Low operating costs are also a bonus.