Pool countercurrent

Pool countercurrent

Would you like to swim in your own Olympic-sized pool, but it won't fit your garden? The ELEGANCE countercurrent is just the thing for you. As a consequence, you can constantly push the limits of your possibilities and train your swimming endurance even in a pool with minimal dimensions.

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A simple, aesthetic, yet robust and powerful device, that above all, is characterised by its affordability. This accessory ranks among the so-called functional pool accessories. It's positioned on the pool wall. The benefit of countercurrent to the pool is easy control - you can control the air intake and countercurrent switching directly from your pool with the help of an electro-pneumatic switch, which is located directly on the countercurrent mask's body.

The countercurrent makes the enjoyment of swimming an even more pleasant experience and you no longer have to visit a public swimming pool to swim actively. You don't have to share the unique moments of relaxation with anyone, you'll also improve your physical condition and your children will surely be delighted too.