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Salt water is good for health and does not irritate human eyes or skin. Clean your water from bacteria using salt electrolysis. You can use Wi-Fi to control the device remotely.

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Basic Information

Our partnership with Hayward brings you the unique OXILIFE water treatment system. This one combines electrolysis, known from salt plants, with hydrolysis. Water in the pool is thus disinfected not only by the salt water reaction, but also by active oxygen. The result is a pool with crystal-clear water.

Expansion options

(not included in the standard package)

  • Redox module
  • Wi-fi module
  • Free chlorine module

Salt water treatment benefits

  • Does not dry the skin
  • Double water treatment: electrolysis and hydrolysis
  • Low operating costs
  • Crystal clear water without the odour
  • No chlorine handling and storage
  • Environmentally-friendly system - salt is a natural product
  • Low salinity water

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