Sand filtration

Sand filtration

The sand filter container is part of the filter circuit that ensures the pool water is cleaned. Impurities are caught and only clean water is returned to circulation using sand filtration.

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Sand filtration is used to catch impurities contained in pool water using natural principles. Its essence is water flow through the filter cartridge, where mechanical impurities are caught, and clean water is returned to the pool.

The filter filling consists of layers of silica sand of different grain sizes (possibility of an additional layer of material with special properties). The smaller the number of layers the filter has, the higher the requirements for chemical water treatment. If the gaps between the grains of sand are too large, it's necessary to reduce them by using coagulant (a substance that captures even very small particles on its surface and is washed into the sewer along with dirt when the filter is washed). The maintenance requirements of sand filtration are minimal: the sand filling is washed as standard once a week (depending on the pool's load), replacing the sand is necessary once every 2 to 3 years.