Filtration tanks SP with SIDE valve

We offer models with a 6-way valve installed at the top or on the side of the tank, i.e. suitable for installation virtually anywhere.

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Basic Information

Filtration is a key technology component for each swimming pool. Even if you are not interested in any other technology, water filtering is indispensable. Our offer therefore includes a complete portfolio of Combo filtration systems, separate filters and pumps.

How to choose the best filtration performance level?

In general, all the water in a swimming pool should be filtered at least four times a day. We should therefore divide the volume of your pool by 6 to obtain the minimum necessary filtration output. If you plan to buy a swimming pool with a volume of 24 m3, you will need a filtration system with a minimum output of 4 m3/h.

Technical information

Model SP 450 SP 500 SP 650 SP 700
For pools up to 36 m3 54 m3 72 m3 96 m3
Output 6 m3/h 9 m3/h 12 m3/h 16 m3/h
6-way valve side side side side
Sand filling 45 kg 85 kg 145 kg 210 kg


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