UV lamps

UV lamps

Equip your pool with a UV lamp! The UV lamp effectively and safely disinfects the pool water, therefore preventing the formation of algae, bacteria and fungi. Furthermore, it's an ecological water treatment method.

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Using a UV lamp is a simple way of disinfecting pool water, which is based on the principle of eliminating viruses and bacteria during filtration using UV radiation. This is an economically advantageous solution. Additionally, it doesn't require the use of salt water. However, increased operating costs associated with the necessary additional manual pool chlorination using tablets or liquid chemicals should be expected.


The UV lamp is installed in the filter circuit where the pool water passes through during filter circulation. Inside the UV lamp, the pool water is exposed to ultraviolet radiation, which is emitted via a special tube located inside the device body. Due to UV-C radiation, bacteria, viruses and other simple organisms are eliminated. The inner part of the device body is made of stainless-steel. This material reflects UV-C rays and thus increases the efficiency of the device by up to 35 %.