Electrical installation service specification in points


The technician will consult with the customer on the final completion of the wiring and any interconnection details.


Power cable connection

The technician will connect the supply cable that's already supplied by the customer (see construction preparation) from the house switchboard to the technology shaft with the pool switchboard located in the technology shaft.


Connecting the light cable

The technician connects the light cable to the pool switchboard (placed in the shaft by the pool installers) and, where appropriate, the cables from the heat pump (supply cable from the central station, control cable, connection or yellow-green cable).


Filter system setup and complete technology launch


Training on using the technology (max. 30 min) and handover of the work


Cleaning the area after assembly (packaging material, cable residues, etc.)



Service activities beyond the scope of the electrical installation service


Paid according to the services price list:


Price list


Salt water treatment - saltwater system 

Bringing out the display (work if the 10 m cable is short = replacing the cable with a longer one and charging for it).

Expansion modules (work, REDOX, WiFi, etc.).


Remote control



Remote control

beyond the scope of the agreement (work, remote module, or key fob).


Drainage pump

At the customer's request, switchboard connection (work, cable, socket, circuit breaker).


Automatic vacuum cleaner

At the customer's request, switchboard connection (work, cable, socket, circuit breaker).


Cleaning and vacuuming the pool

It is not part of the electrical service (dirt from construction, etc.).


Multitasking technology

Modification of already installed technology based on the customer's request (in case the customer has changed his mind about the current location of the technology, etc.).