material developed by our team of process engineers


ALBISTONE® is a breakthrough material that was developed by our team of process engineers and has been verified by a series of lab tests. ALBISTONE® is mainly characterised by its high colour fastness and UV stabilisation. Its distinct advantage is its superior mechanical resistance and strength, resulting in a long service life. ALBISTONE® is a frostresistant material with excellent thermal insulation properties. We use ALBISTONE® to manufacture blue and grey pools.

Material toughness

ALBISTONE® has a puncture resistance (impact toughness) thanks the pool wall/bottom material thickness of 8/6 mm.

Health safety

ALBISTONE® is completely safe. It conforms to the public health regulations concerning contact with food in the Czech Re-public and also conforms to similar EU and US regulations.

UV stability

ALBISTONE® is characterised by its high UV resistence and its service life is several times longer than that of other mate-rials used to manufacture pools.

Material resistance

Heat resistance is a major advantage of this material. ALBISTONE® can be used continuously at temperatures from -40 °C to +70 °C.

Environmental protection

Even after many years of use, ALBISTONE® is 100% recyclable. There are no harmful substances generated during produ-ction.



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