Unique material


ALBISTONE® is a proved material type developed by a team of our technologists and verified by a number of laboratory tests. ALBISTONE® features high colour stability and UV stabilization. Its benefits also include mechanical resistance and strength which extending the material’s lifetime. ALBISTONE® is frost-resistant and it has no harmful effects on health.

Material resistance

ALBISTONE® has higher impact resistance than ordinary forms of polypropylene.

UV stabilization

ALBISTONE® features high resistance to UV radiation.

Heat resistance

A huge benefit of this material is its heat resistance. ALBISTONE® can be used continuously at temperatures of -40 to +70 °C.

Environmental aspects

ALBISTONE® has no harmful health effects. It complies with the Czech Republic’s health regulations as well as similar regulations in the EU and USA.

Health aspects

The use of ALBISTONE® is not only limited to swimming pools and technology boxes. It is also ideal for example for shower tubs in the colour of the pool as well as for any applications that require perfect water tightness.

Swimming pool production technology

ALBISTONE® swimming pools are made of basic construction elements in the form of boards and rolled straps. Joints are made by means of extruded hot-air welding, with excellent final joint strength.

Certificates & Guarantees

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