Telescopic swimming pool Enclosure SYDNEY

SYDNEY - this is a design enclosure that we have developed for you in cooperation with automotive designers. Not only experts will appreciate the ultra-low profile, elegant curves and unique look.

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Basic Information

Custom made

We approach custom-made enclosures individually. They are used when a swimming pool of an atypical shape, size or location has to be covered. This category also includes roofing for hotel gardens and restaurants as well as for terraces.



Details of Sydney enclosures

Standard sizes

Specifications Sydney A | Syd. Clear A Syd. BS | Syd. Clear BS Sydney B | Syd. Clear B Sydney C | Syd. Clear C
Maximum enclosed area 352 x 638 cm 402 x 744 cm 402 x 852 cm 452 x 852 cm
Number of modules 3 4 4 4
External width 386 cm 450 cm 450 cm 500 cm
Internal width 358 cm 408 cm 408 cm 458 cm
External length 646 cm 752 cm 860 cm 860 cm
External height 48 cm 56 cm 56 cm 58 cm
Side door x x x x
Front panel fixed
Rear panel fixed
Supporting profiles L+
Colour DB703
Package dimensions 445 x 60 x 150 cm 561 x 60 x 150 cm 561 x 60 x 150 cm 561 x 60 x 150 cm
Package weight 459 kg | 654 kg 613 kg | 742 kg 623 kg | 752 kg 651 kg | 812 kg
Assembly time cca 2h/3p. | cca 3h/3p. cca 3h/3p. | cca 4h/3p. cca 3h/3p. | cca 4h/3p. cca 3h/3p. | cca 4h/3p.


SYDNEY - Recommended equipment

Rail extension

to move the enclosure beyond the swimming pool area.

XHP heat pump

for the most cost-effective swimming pool heating.

Certificates & Guarantees

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