In-ground swimming pool Sharp cornered rectangle

A modern pool design and shape which, thanks to its sharp corners, is a perfect addition to your garden.

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Pool sizes and shapes

Pool sizes and shapes
Maximum width 400 cm
Maximum length 900 cm
Depth 120 cm, 150 cm

Delivery options

On a truck

This type of transportation is also used for the delivery all types.

On a trailer

This type of transportation is also used very often. 4 fully equipped pools with enclosures can be carried on a single truck.

Alternative modes of transport

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We can really deliver ALBIXON swimming pools anywhere, even by boat.

For pools wider than 4m the transport services are not offered. For more information please visit or contact your sales representative.


albistone color white
albistone color light green
albistone color light blue
Light blue


Pool enclosure

for safety of your pets and children.

XHP heat pump

for the most cost-effective swimming pool heating.

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