Automatic vacuum cleaner Spring

The Spring cleaner is ideal for cleaning the bottom of family swimming pools. This device is absolutely simple to use and maintain. With the automatic pool-cleaner cleaning your pool will be fun. In fact, you will not have to worry about anything.

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Basic Information

You can order a Spring automatic pool cleaner which takes care of all the dirt on the bottom of your family pool. It is able to filter up to 17 cubic meters of water per hour. The filtration and purification cycle of the Spring automatic pool cleaner takes 3 hours. Ideal vacuum cleaner for cleaning swimming pools Finding the perfect vacuum cleaner for cleaning swimming pools is not easy. We are happy to help you with this task.

Our new model is the automatic pool cleaner Spring which is easy to install, operate and maintain. This automatic pool cleaner removes all impurities from the bottom of your pool and you will not have to worry about anything. After completion of the cleaning cycle it switches itself off. The Spring pool cleaner is equipped with a low-voltage transformer. The transformer must be stored under a roof in dry conditions, in temperatures up to 40°C, at a minimum distance of 3 m from the pool. Make sure that the transformer is not exposed to direct sunlight. Before connecting to the electrical grid, check that the unit, plug or cord is not damaged, and verify that everything complies with electric protection of ČSN. Use only the original transformer supplied with the vacuum cleaner.

Technical information

Cleaning speed 840 m2 / h.
Width of the cleaning device 400 mm
Primary voltage 230 / 50 V / Hz
Secondary voltage 29 V DC
Length of the cable 15 m
Recommended temperature of water 18 - 32 °C
Cleaning cycle 3 hrs


Certificates & Guarantees

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